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Mission & VISION

Butler Weldments is a trusted partner in the manufacturing of fabricated and machined metal products. For over 40 years our family-owned small business has cultivated strong ties in both the military and commercial sectors, all while focusing on expanding facilities, capabilities, industries and scope of work.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with dependable service and personalized solutions, for industry-leading success in their respective fields. By ensuring that the Butler Weldments standard of excellence has been maintained in every project, we empower others to go further, work harder, and remain confident in the product we produce.

We know that the legacy of our past, and the opportunities in our future, are forged by the visionary goals that our customers have today. So, whatever your “tomorrow” looks like, we want to build it with you.


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  • In 1947, Homer F. Butler established The H.F. Butler Corporation, as a privately held corporation, in Union, New Jersey.
  • By 1970, The H.F. Butler Corporation had expanded to three locations within New Jersey specializing in small and large steel fabrications.
  • In 1977, The Butler Weldments Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary, was created in Cameron, Texas to produce fabricated parts for the power generation industry.
  • A move was made in 1992 to centralize the company to best serve a growing nationwide customer base. All New Jersey operations were closed in 1994 and the company was consolidated to the Cameron, Texas location.
  • In 2001, The Butler Weldments Corporation responded to the fast-paced and competitive global economy by opening a maquiladora in Rio Bravo, Mexico. The new wholly owned subsidiary, Weldmex Industries S de RL de CV., is located a few miles from the McAllen, Texas U.S. border.
  • Today, The Butler Weldments Corporation remains a privately held corporation and continues to operate expansive facilities in both the United States (Cameron, Texas) and Mexico (Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas).
  • Due to the close proximity of our two facilities, Butler Weldments has the ability to offer numerous fabrication and machining options to best serve the needs of our customers.

At Butler Weldments, we rally behind the phrase “Made for More”. This new slogan has several different meanings. The word “made” supports the type of work that is done at the company, as a provider of fabricated and machined metal products. Additionally, the word “more” stands for the scale, strength and durability of our products. Collectively “Made for More” means that we have positioned our team to expand and improve in capabilities, facilities and project types.

But it also means something else. This slogan stands for the people involved in the process, and the fact that each individual has a higher calling. At Butler Weldments there is a culturally shared ideal of trust and integrity. We were made to do more than just make objects - but more so products that better lives. We believe that working at Butler Weldments is an opportunity to support our fellow team members, our families, and the local community. To be “Made for More” is to have a reason to get up everyday and go to work. It is to love what you do, and the people you do it with - knowing that you have the ability to make the world a better place.

Being “Made for More” is a concept that we can challenge one another with everyday. It’s a reminder of the legacy we are all building.

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serving our communities

MORE means participating in our local community, as well as loving and supporting our families.


serving our departments

MORE means trusting and earning the trust of our co-workers. It’s about seeing the bigger picture of our company, and believing in our particular roles.


serving our customers

MORE means improving the circumstances of our customers. Whether it is tangible or intangible, we want to drive their success at whatever the cost.

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We believe in the value of honesty and character above all. Mutual trust is earned through our words and our actions.



We believe in surpassing expectations in everything that we produce. From initial design to completion, never settle for less than the best.



We believe in our team’s ability to make customer concepts a reality. Continuous improvement is awarded to those who are willing to be curious.



We believe that leadership begins with listening first, and serving others well. Explore opportunities for growth as an individual and a team member.



We believe in consistently holding ourselves and others to a higher standard. By honoring our commitments, we empower team members and customers.




FMA – Fabricators & Manufacturers Association
MMA – Marine Machinery Association
SIBC – Submarine Industrial Base Council

ACIBC – Aircraft Carrier Industrial Base Coalition
ASNE - American Society of Naval Engineers

AWS - American Welding Society
SME - Society of Manufacturing Engineers
NFIB – National Federation of Independent Business


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Cameron, Texas


Rio Bravo, Mexico

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